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A fresh new approach to fundraising...

Your organization can receive the value of donations of used consumer electronics from your supporters through the world’s most trusted trade-in platform:

  • Your supporters donate their old tech 

  • Your organization receives the trade-in value for every device

  • E-Waste is reduced from our environment, promoting a more sustainable circular economy of smart devices


Your Donation Portal can be launched quickly and at no cost to you.


Get great value on thousands of devices

Powered by Phobio, a trade-in industry leader since 2010, we provide competitive values on over 3,000 smart device models which translate directly into donations for your organization.


Industry-leading security

Our device processing facilities:

  • are R2 certified and comply with environmental and data-security standards

  • are overseen by Apple Certified Technicians

  • leverage state-of-the-art robotics and inspection automation


Service Excellence

For over a decade, Phobio has led the trade-in industry with best-in-class user experience design and customer support, and brings this expertise to your eco-fundraising experience.


Our in-house Engineering and Customer Advocacy Teams have achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

How it works

How your Donation Portal service works:

Phobio’s software and services power the trade-in programs of some of the world’s most successful brands.  The best practices for driving trade value and customer satisfaction have been unified into a streamlined platform allowing rapid launch of your branded donation portal allowing your supporters to donate old devices for competitive values on thousands of smart devices, with best-in-class user experience design and customer support.

Your organization’s Donation Portal is hosted by Phobio on a unique URL and customized with your logo and messaging.

The Eco-Fundraising User Experience
  1. The customer selects the type of device and model for their donation.

  2. They answer 3 to 4 simple “yes/no” questions about its condition, and get a donation value quote for their device.

  3. They agree to the T&C’s, print out the device preparation and packing instructions and a prepaid express shipping label.


The customer receives email notifications as the device is received, inspected, and the trade value is paid out to your organization on a monthly basis. Customers have 24/7 online access to track their Donation Status.  

Each month, you and your organization are provided activity reports and payments for value of devices donated by your supporters.

There is no cost to launch your donation portal and start Eco-Fundraising.  
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Ready to launch your Device Donation Portal?

Receive trade value for each device donation completed through your Donation Portal.

  • Your advocates get to support you – GOOD FOR YOUR BRAND

  • You receive device value donations – GOOD FOR THE CAUSE

  • Devices are reused and recycled – GOOD FOR THE EARTH



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